Therapy Can Heal


Individual Therapy

We don’t have to stay stuck.  Too often we get trapped in a cycle of suffering from painful feelings and destructive relationship patterns and do not know how to begin carving a pathway out.  Therapy is a way to deepen understanding and move towards healing, self-acceptance and different choices that can lead to a richer and more meaningful life.  Change is possible.

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be incredibly healing and serve as a safe haven to navigate life's inevitable ups and downs.  They can also be frustrating and leave us feeling attacked, misunderstood and shut down.  I work with couples to help them connect to deeper feelings, highlight dysfunctional communication patterns and reestablish a sense of safe emotional connection with each other.


I bring a strong sense of compassion to my work as a therapist that is rooted in the belief that everyone's pain is valid. People often minimize their suffering because they believe that someone has had it worse, they should be able to handle it better or they tell themselves that their pain does not matter.

This can lead to disconnection from the deepest parts of ourselves that need our love and attention the most.  I am always striving to help my clients change their relationship to themselves and to begin the process of healing and uncovering who they authentically are and what they truly need.


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